Our Story

Kari and I met through e:Harmony and were recently married. When it came time to propose, I had to surprise her with something special that really showed her and our families how special she is to me. It is common practice to hire videographers to capture your wedding day. This ensures the details of this special event last forever. After all, marriage is an inheritance that you pass along to your children. Being a bit of a romantic, I felt it was equally important to capture Kari's proposal on video as well.

Proposing marriage to the one you love is traditionally a very private affair and best delivered as a total surprise. I quickly learned that to capture it on video was going to be a real challenge. I wanted to surprise Kari with the proposal, as well as, preserve the intimacy of it. Cameras and microphones, if not concealed, would make her suspicious and spoil the surprise. Hiring someone to operate the camera and essentially participate would put a spotlight on the event and compromise the intimacy.

The videography services I required were not available, so I figured out how to manage it on my own. I approached solving the problem by carefully planning every detail. I coordinated the efforts of everyone involved, solved problems as they arose, and then the big day came. Kari did not see it coming until I was on one knee reading a poem to her. She was totally surprised .... and said "Yes".

Magic Knight Productions was formed to provide professional services to those desiring to capture their special occasions in high definition video. We offer support ranging from:

Magic Knight Productions will help you achieve your goals.